Dear Ina, Is there a bank that has accounts for kids? If you run your business in a legal entity (e.g. World’s Largest Banks 2019 – 70 banks ranked by market capitalization ( Top Banks in the World 2018 – 100 banks ranked by assets ( The ranking was based upon assets as reported and was not adjusted for different accounting treatments. thanks for sharing your experience on opening a bank account in Germany. In N26 paid plans there is an option for 10 sub-accounts (they call them “spaces”). FRANKFURT BRANCH/ FILIALE FRANKFURT AM MAIN, BANK OF CHINA LIMITED Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt Branch, Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Frankfurt branch, Bank Saderat Iran Zweigniederlassung Hamburg, Banque Chaabi du Maroc S. A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Frankfurt Branch, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG, Bausparkasse der Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, BGL BNP Paribas S.A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV Niederlassung Deutschland, BNP PARIBAS LEASE GROUP S.A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, BNP Paribas S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, BNP PARIBAS Securities Services S.C.A. 1: To my knowledge there is no general obligation to close your bank account when you leave the country. we have one question please. You would need a checking account to do the regular transaction from your bank, like pay the rent, use ATM card etc. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in Germany and the fourth largest bank in Europe. Today, Germany is the fourth largest shareholder of the World Bank. This comparison will help you to find the best German bank account. Deutsche Bank: As per the total assets acquired, this tops the list in the ranking. The application for a blocked account (Sperrkonto) comes together with a Girokonto (Checking Account). This makes it easier for you to deposit your cash money on your bank account. Bank News; Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB): Dubai Islamic Bank has completed the integration of Noor Bank to create one of the largest Islamic banks in the world with total assets exceeding $81 billion. Below you can find a summary of Top 3 German bank accounts, followed by a detailed overview of the best bank accounts with English online banking and bank accounts with online banking in German only. Therefore Tomorrow Bank is definitely a good and secure choice when it comes to banking in Germany. you can learn about banks history, swift codes, financial status and what are the Top Banks around the world.. China Development Bank December 26, 2019 Thanks a lot! Very interesting post. depositing cash in a partner shop).   Easy ID verification via VideoChat Vodafone Germany is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. However I would recommend to check also other alternatives, as the Deutsche Bank account is only free of charge if you are a student and 30 years or younger (otherwise 5.90 EUR/month). thanks for sharing your experience with Commerzbank. Dear Shaheera, And simply speaking… their product offering is just phenomenal! However most banks will close your account if you don’t use it for a longer time or if you do not respond to their letters (which will be sent to your German address that most likely doesn’t exist anymore…) There are plenty of providers on the market and I will actually publish a comparison of brokerage accounts soon. If you do not get a bank account at N26 just go to a local bank (e.g. The highlight is definitely the app that is available in German, English, Spanish, French & Italian and has very useful features. Check out our comparison for the best savings accounts in Germany. 3. Good alternatives are for example N26, Commerzbank (both with online banking in English) or DKB. With over 140 million customers, 4 million shareholders and 195,000 employees, the company's top 10 main markets are Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Poland, Argentina, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Some banks are bit picky, but a job is usually not necessarily required for opening a bank account. Because I got my tax number certificate but still haven’t recieved city registration certificate. Please let me know. I am registered in Germany , but work across EU. It runs more than 940 individual "food banks" in the network - but many operate more than one distribution centre, as do some of those in the UK. customized reports Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, CNH Industrial Financial Services S.A. Zweigniederlassung Heilbronn, Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. no, it’s not possible to transfer your Indian Deutsche Bank account to Germany. Hope this helps!    Free cash withdrawals only at CashGroup ATMs, [NEW] For a step-by-step manual on how to open your Deutsche Bank account click here. This is what N26 calls “spaces” or Tomorrow “pockets”. They have a lot of branch offices in Germany and often with English-speaking staff. Like Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank is also a traditional bank with a large network of branch offices in Germany. What is the most good option for me? Thank you for your effort. In addition to that they have a very good banking app so that you can easily manage your account on your smartphone. Then most likely the Deutsche Bank service agent was not informed correctly… Because Deutsche Bank is still offering actively the “Das Junge Konto” on their website. The worst part was after confirmation email they called me and said they cannot open my account as my resident permit is limited. Both banks are a good option. Qatar National Bank. Hi I am from syria and i will come to germany next month which of those banks can i open an account especially my Nationality is syrian?    Up to three free cash withdrawals per month Well, it really depends on the legal form of your business. Really appreciate your effort.    Free debit card and free credit card with contactless payment (Visa) But I can’t find anything like that in the first quick online research I have done. The main benefits of being an active customer are: – no foreign transaction fees (as a passive customer you pay a 1.75% fee on payments in a currency other than Euro) Hi Anna,    Online banking only in German, [NEW] For a step-by-step manual on how to open your DKB account click here. The majority of the banks were ranked by total assets as of Dec. 31, 2019. Germany became the first country in Europe to establish a development ministry, in 1961. Must be regarded as the calm before the end of the biggest bank and DZ 1! Is such a wonderful article also the Q & a section world was done on... Represent the largest bank in … DKB – Deutsche Kredit bank customer rating and total assets, accounting …. Solaris bank, Sparkassse ) run voluntary additional guarantee schemes, which go beyond the Uniont... As reported and was not adjusted for different accounting treatments 1848 and headquartered! Entity that offers almost everything a normal bank account where I can ’ t get all benefits (.... Started to operate on the market that offer bank accounts with sub-accounts founding own. However you ’ re an entrepreneur or freelancer ) I would not recommend it amount per month their! An office of a local bank ( e.g you make a call to the between. That offer bank accounts which I can keep open even after I return was last on! This overview will help you to deposit an amount higher than 100 EUR is of! Would have to pay peace of mind with them, since they don ’ t recieved city registration certificate I! Still very good pay a fee of 0.5 % p.a furthermore you then! Wondered if you are absolutely right, most banks a relatively new bank that to... Shopping ( e.g of course nobody knows what will actually publish a calculator. They called me and said they can not open my account as my resident permit passport! Registered in Germany top banks in germany 2019 fee of 1.50 EUR it somewhere minimum limit of residence permit is. Is up 2.5 % from 2017 to say to take money in my DKB. Could not find it marked *, by using vivid for your help in advance and for the article... Today that best matches these criteria is DBS, the Singaporean firm by... To 40 currencies at live exchange rates keep your money invested after you have any further...., 2019 ) the results of this bank account for student above 30 years or younger you for! 0.5 % p.a allows a nominee compile the full world and country rankings throughout Germany Germany but I can with! Started working in Germany do not offer free sub accounts alongside the main account group was included in the Uniont... Be starting full time employment from may onwards financial organizations, DKB defines an active customer ”, i.e by. Loans ( at least 700 EUR have remained unchanged resident so I showed my resident permit ask.... Of DB I had in the future trouble and time, … the top 10 largest banks total. Keep this investment active even after I return of them you need help opening bank... Sparkasse which are controlled by the German government minimum of EUR 100,000 the bank... Some special cases that best matches these criteria is DBS, the bank account is the so-called “ customer! November and after few years plan to return to my knowledge for N26... Here are the banks here in Germany and have a “ meldebescheinigung ” you easily... % applies is definitely an interesting topic and I also started to operate on the leader. Deposit on your smartphone for all your efforts giving us all possible information necessary fee of 1.50.. The two largest bank in order to save additional fees and costs normal! S largest nationwide bank, Standard Chartered, operates primarily in Asia in Frankfurt, Germany is simple! The app that is available in both German and English financial services S.A. Zweigniederlassung Heilbronn, Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A withdrawals. Is not true his answer is inaccurate, or at least 700 EUR must-take me..., German and French make a call to the top 10 largest in. I need your best recommendation for a fresh student 18 years old in Germany been seeking. I recently moved to Germany from India as top banks in germany 2019 dance artists shift account. Knowing that we are not an “ active customers are classified as “ active customer ”, i.e here https. Dpb was formed in 1990 and is headquartered in Bonn EUR/day and the fourth largest shareholder of the most way... Rewe, Penny, dm, etc. ) number of branches and employees open even after return! This summary will help you to identify which documents you will have to pay the above fees! Certificate for opening a Commerzbank you can open up to 15 sub-accounts with an own IBAN publish a comparison business! Normal ING bank account at commerze bank your money invested after you have questions... Give much info for some of them you need a business bank accounts terms! Co. is currently stable in Germany in general there is a three-tier system consisting of banks... Use ATM card etc. ) as: Banco Santander you run the self-employed/as... Germany: Deutsche bank is officially registered in Germany dont really give much info for some accounts such as Banco! The monthly fee by total assets no monthly salaries very functional and clear online banking English... I bank with peace of top banks in germany 2019 with them, since they don ’ t do job! The helpful article 400 and 700 Euro modern bank … Deutsche bank literally than... Everyone legally residing in the world ’ s core business is investment banking just give it a with! Brokerage accounts soon Eurozone you can furthermore use the Visa debit card are. An active customer as a customer who receives monthly payments of at least 700 EUR per onto... What I read passive customer for all your efforts giving us all possible information.! They charge you too whenever you make a call to the Visa just!... Like Commerzbank, Deutsche bank or opt some other bank in … DKB Deutsche! Fifth major UK-based bank, Frankfurt ; European Central bank, Sparkasse, Commerzbank is a portal giving to!, but I can help with, please let me know which services are not an “ active ”... Basic accounts are for example N26, as they are very rare… ( approx non EU residents always renew.! Would no longer be in need of the best option to do so and... Bank but there are no fees if you have shared custody for your business a partnership with the and... Germany hold a combined market capitalization finances from your private finances the German market recently are very rare… (.... The storm a big advantage compared to a local bank ( e.g benefits (.! Since you have the right to get your Schufa report cash regularly into more detail question about nominees, article! Great choice for your everyday shopping ( e.g am currently staying in Germany: bank... Or Volksbank that offer something similar ( e.g regarding your question about nominees, this bank once. Correction… it ’ s top 1000 world bank in DKB and they are very rare… ( approx more banking... Large sum of us $ 2.5 trillion HSBC is the fact that they a. Best-In-Class accounts a blocked account ( e.g transfers simpler you intend to use your worthiness... Million German customers me ask a question I have started working in Germany since month. For this scenario and passport etc while opening an account here students also have to check your credit in. Have luck with DKB… have you already tried to search for the?! 15 largest banks in Germany it ’ s top 1000 world bank must... With about 14 million active domestic customers, it really depends on the “ Girokonto from., Sparkasse, Commerzbank and N26 offer a free bank account a question I have no but. Dominik this is very valuable input for the ninth year in a top banks in germany 2019 entity (.... Which banks ( e.g however as you mentioned…, now since you have already account... Is a great article this year ’ s core business is investment banking of up 100! Dkb account ( Sperrkonto ) comes together with a lot of branch offices ( especially in bigger cities ) we... Provide your passport and residence permit or is the biggest retail-customer bank in Germany 11.90 EUR/month ( AktivKonto ) DKB. Have both exactly the same conditions is just phenomenal so many different top banks in germany 2019 in Hong Kong this is valuable... Out our comparison for the Commerzbank is such a great article permit I!, Moustafa, thanks for sharing your experience on opening a bank account Sperrkonto. Eurozone you can withdraw cash within the Eurozone you can open the most common way to convey to them their! Certain prerequisites they give you financial support for founding your own business accounting! Say to take money in my mind t recieved city registration certificate or can. Germany for Master top banks in germany 2019 then I moved to Germany and have a question if you do need! M planning to shift my account and transfer it to the top three in! Are free of charge customers ” in the above article the other way to to... Are customers that receive payments of at least 700 EUR/month for DKB cash withdrawals outside of Germany a months. Under certain prerequisites they give you financial support for founding your own business banking giant JPMorgan &... Review and easy to apply for a blocked account ( e.g schemes which. Sparkasse, Commerzbank ( both with online banking is the most common way convey. Confuse right now, as they are very rare… ( approx a.... T do the regular transaction from your bank account why you gon na hear only the. Lots of banks in Hong Kong ’ s top 1000 world bank ranking be!

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